Plug Mtaani Business Competition

At Plug Mtaani, we believe in the power of youth empowerment. With over 25 million youths in Kenya, we recognize the immense potential they hold. However, 61% of the youth in Kenya are currently unemployed, underemployed, or not in training, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation, drugs, crime, and HIV. Our mission is to change this narrative and equip the youth with the skills they need to succeed.


The Concept

The Plug Mtaani Business Idea Competition is designed to nurture the talents of young entrepreneurs by providing them with soft skills and business plan development training. We aim to foster a spirit of innovation, resilience, and determination among the youth.

Why Youth Empowerement Matters

We acknowledge the significant youth population and its potential to drive economic growth and development.

Many young individuals face limited opportunities, and we want to change that through skill development and entrepreneurship.

By empowering the youth, we aim to reduce their susceptibility to negative influences such as political exploitation, drugs, crime, and HIV.

We firmly believe that with the right support and training, young people can accomplish remarkable feats.

Our Intervention

To achieve our goals, we have devised a comprehensive approach that includes:


Capacity Building

We offer training at county & national levels, focusing on the International Labour Org. Business Management Program – Start and Improve Your Business.


County Awards

Through Plug Mtaani, we recognize and reward outstanding ideas starting at the county level in order to reach a huge scope of youth.


Business Development

Participants receive support from private partners and public institutions to help turn their ideas into viable enterprises.


National Awards

Exceptional business ideas from across the country compete at the national level, encouraging healthy competition and recognition.


Networking & Synergy

We foster connections and group formation among participants, creating a supportive community of entrepreneurs.

The Approach

Our process is designed to discover, train, and showcase the best business ideas. Here is how it works:

Youth express their interest in the competition through messages or advertisements.

Participants record a one-minute video explaining their business idea and fill out a Google form.

A panel of experts selects up to 300 participants per county to attend a one-day workshop focused on business idea generation and screening.

After training, participants have five days to fine-tune their ideas and record a second video pitch.

Expert judges select winners at the county level, and a county award ceremony celebrates their achievements.

County winners attend a week-long training on business plan development, after which they pitch their plans in a 10-minute video.

Empowering Youth, Igniting Dreams.


The TV Show Component:

To further promote the competition and showcase innovative ideas, we partner with a TV studio:

The TV studio recording starts at the National Level with 141 participants who will face weekly eliminations. 

The public gets to vote for the most innovative idea during a four-week voting period and this will contribute 30% of the total marks of the competition.The remaining 70% will be done by the judges.

The final judgment and awarding takes place in December this year, with the most creative, innovative and disruptive business idea receiving special recognition by the president of Kenya.

The Impact

Our efforts are aimed at creating a lasting impact on the lives of the youth and the communities they touch

Training 9,400 Youths

With a minimum of 200 trained youths per county, we expect to empower a significant number of young entrepreneurs.

6,580 New Businesses

Assuming a 70% success rate, we anticipate the launch of 6,580 new businesses.

26,320 Jobs Created

Each enterprise is expected to generate four jobs, directly or indirectly impacting approximately 184,240 households.

Join Plug Mtaani and be a part of transforming Kenya’s youth into thriving entrepreneurs, creating a brighter future for themselves and their communities. Together, let’s empower the next generation to achieve greatness.

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